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The Health Statistics and Health Research Database is Estonian largest set of health-related statistics and survey results administrated by National Institute for Health Development.

Use of the database is free of charge.

The database consists of eight main areas divided into sub-areas. The data tables included in the sub-areas are assigned unique codes. The data tables presented in the database can be both viewed in the Internet environment, and downloaded using different file formats (.px, .xlsx, .csv, .json). You can download the detailed database user manual here (.pdf).

The database is constantly updated with new data. Dates of updating the existing data tables and adding new data are provided in the release calendar. The date of the last update to each table is provided after the title of the table in the list of data tables.

A contact person for each sub-area is provided under the "Definitions and Methodology" link of each sub-area, so you can ask additional information about the data published in the database. Contact this person for any further questions and data requests.

Please refer to the source when using the data! It is recommended to first refer to the data source and then to the channel of the published data and the date of use. When referring to data from a registry under the National Institute for Health Development (NIHD) or from a study conducted by NIHD, a reference must be made to NIHD as well as to a more specific source (e.g. Health Behaviour among Estonian Adult Population study, year of study, National Institute for Health Development, Health Statistics and Health Research Database, table TKU20, as of 09.01.2021).

Read more about publication of health statistics by National Institute for Health Development in Health Statistics Dissemination Principles.

Please contact for questions, suggestions and comments related to the database:

PX-Web and PX-Win

PX-Web is a solution for the web, it is used to establish dynamic tables from PC-Axis files developed by the Statistics Sweden.
PX-Win enables the user to create new tables based on the existing ones, convert tables to other formats, present the selected data tables in graphic form, perform simple statistical operations, etc. You can download PX-Win.
More info available at Statistics Sweden web page.