Category of a pharmacy – there are three different categories of pharmacies in Estonia: general pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and veterinary pharmacy.

Pharmacy services – the retail sale or other dispensing of medicinal products together with provision of related consultations for the appropriate and effective use of medicinal products, and provision of information to the user on the correct and safe use and preservation of medicinal products, and the preparation of medicinal products as magistral formulae and officinal formulae and dividing-up into packages of medicinal products. Pharmacy services shall be provided only by pharmacies holding a corresponding activity licence and structural units thereof.


The main purpose of data collection is to obtain the overview of the medicinal products market, distribution of medicinal products sales, sold and consumed medicines and activity of pharmacies.

The Bureau of Statistics of the Estonian State Agency of Medicines has the responsibility to collect data from general pharmacies and hospital pharmacies concerning their sphere of activity. The drug utilization data is collected from all licensed pharmacies four times a year, every quarter.

In April 2020, the pharmacy reform entered into force in Estonia, which significantly affected the number of existing pharmacies and their work.

General information about veterinary pharmacies can be found on the Estonian State Agency of Medicines webpage.

The number of pharmacies at the end of the year is presented.


Classification of Administrative and Settlement Units of Estonia (EHAK)

This classification is used upon submission of regional statistics. Regional health care statistics are submitted by 15 counties. Information about Tallinn and Tartu is submitted separately. This classification system is available on the webpage of the Statistics Estonia in the Classifications section.

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