Harm reduction service


County — location of the service provided.

Harm reduction centre — stationary unit providing harm reduction services.

Harm reduction services — includes various social support services for people who use drugs, has drug addiction or are close ones of drug users, the dissemination of wide-ranging information as well as the distribution of the necessary means for safer injection and sexual life. The service is based on the knowledge that not all drug users wish to or are able to stop using. Therefore, a trustworthy contact must be established with the users which, by providing the necessary support services, will motivate and counsel them to behave more responsibly. The harm reduction service is beneficial to society because it helps to reduce the negative socio-economic consequences related to drug addiction and helps to make the living environment safer.

Harm reduction specialist — the risk behaviour reduction adviser within the harm reduction service who directs clients to the necessary help and support services.


The purpose of collecting statistics on harm reduction services is to gain an overview of the service's operation and service volumes.

Data will be collected through an activity report from all harm reduction service providers in accordance with the procedures set out in the contract. Service providers submit data to the National Institute for Health Development for each month by the seventh date of the following month at the latest.

As of 01.01.2023, seven organisations in Estonia provided services for harm reduction. A total of 35 service places were in various regions of Estonia as of 01.01.2023, of which 15 were stationary centres, 15 were based on outreach work, 3 pharmacies and 2 mobile units. Most of the services are located in Harju county and Ida-Viru county, although services are also provided in Tartu, Pärnu, Paide and Rakvere.

Data will be published in absolute values.


Classification of Administrative and Settlement Units of Estonia (EHAK)

This classification is used upon submission of regional statistics. Regional statistics for harm reduction service are submitted as follows: Harju county, including Tallinn, Ida-Viru county and other regions in Estonia, because the service in Estonia is targeted to certain regions. Classification system is available on the webpage of the Statistics Estonia in the Classifications section (in Estonian).


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